Summer is approaching...

Hey Internet,

Second post for my new website.  Things have been well this spring and into summer.  I just got back from a trip to Tokyo with Antibalas and had a blast playing three nights at the famous Blue Note Tokyo.  We were the first band to ever get all of the audience out of their seats and dancing!!

Additionally, I'm proud to announce that I am an endorsing artist for B.A.C. Musical Instruments out of Kansas City, KS.  Mike Corrigan is the mastermind behind these amazing trombones and trumpets, played by great players such as Trombone Shorty, Big Sam Williams, Saunders Sermons, and others...honored and thrilled to be playing the horn he custom hand built for me.  The world will be seeing it on some big stages and hearing it on some big recordings coming up! Check out my "About" section for more info...

Back in New York City for a some more pop world life coming up and excited to announce a couple Antibalas shows this summer.  I will be announcing more as soon as I'm legally authorized to =D

Meanwhile, I've been in different studios a lot, working with a number of great artists on some tasty products.  New bands on Epic Records, some new projects on Daptone Records as well as Truth & Soul Records...2015 has been a great year for record releases...but the end of the year and early 2016 is going to be insane!

I'm also preparing to dust off my Brass Kitchen project and get some videos and recordings of my brass band concept out this summer...stay tuned

I'm also working on a new band, a different side of Raymond Mason, that I will unveil to the world by the end of summer.

Big Things Keep Happening!! Stay tuned!

Have a happy and healthy spring and summer!!!